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Configuring Your QuickBlue App

Step 1: You will receive a text message on your cell phone with the access credentials granted for your community.

Step 2: Download the QuickBlue app and open it on your phone. You will be prompted to enter your cell phone number. You will receive another text with a code for security verification purposes.

Using QuickBlue to Open Gates

Step 1: Open the QuickBlue app on your phone or tablet. If you’re in the range of the gate, a red circle lock will appear. Gray will indicate that you’re still out of range.

Step 2: Once the red circle appears, tap to open the lock. The circle will turn green, confirming your access, and the gate opens.

For security purposes, an entry record is automatically stored in the QuickBlue Cloud.

Using QuickBlue to Manage Visitors

Step 1: Open the QuickBlue app, and select Support from the bottom row menu.

Step 2: Select Login to access your web-based dashboard.

Step 3: Scroll down to Visitors, and select ‘Add Visitor’ and then add the first and last name and cell number of your Visitor.

Step 4: Select the type of access you want to grant. Access Group Main Gate: Allows permanent gate access 24/7/365 | Access Group Temporary: Set a Date Range and times allowed | Access Group Recurring: Occurs on specific days of each week | CLICK Create to complete and save your entries

Your Visitor is now entered into the database and will receive credentials for their phone. Click on QuickBlue in the upper left-hand corner to return to the app.

Set Up QuickBlue Notifications

Step 1: Open the QuickBlue app and log in to your web-based dashboard.

Step 2: Scroll down to Visitors, and then select a name to set up notifications. Click Alerts and select ‘Notify Upon Entry.’

Step 3: Select email, text, or other notification methods; enter the information of the person or persons who should receive notifications, and then save your settings.